KTNR, Inc.

Engineering and Operations Consulting

KTNR's Team

James Ketner - President/Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Ketner has over 30 years of experience as a Director and Chief Executive Officer of public and non-public corporations. Much of his professional career has been spent as a contract consulting engineer for Fortune 500 multi-national companies.  Mr. Ketner has a successful track record in directing public companies, securities law, domestic and international regulatory agencies, operations streamlining, maximizing productivity, and directing companies to achieve record profitability through increased efficiency and productivity with state of the art technology. Mr. Ketner is an 'Expert Witness', a Forensic Research Expert specializing in Public Companies, and experienced in litigation proceedings.  Mr. Ketner is a resourceful decision-maker who combines strong leadership and organizational skills with the ability to direct programs throughout the design and manufacturing processes, utilizing his extensive experience and expertise in high tech engineering and manufacturing environments. Mr. Ketner began his career as a Numeric Control programmer at General Dynamics. In 1991, Mr. Ketner embarked on his own as a consultant, and has since done Engineering and Operational Contractual Consulting for General Dynamics, The Carlyle Group, Pratt and Whitney, Boeing, Lockheed, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Honda Research and Development, Rockwell, Sikorsky Aircraft, Embraer SP, and Dassault/Falcon Jet. Mr. Ketner has traveled extensively and is well versed in conducting business in North and South America.


Guillermo Pérez – Director/Chief Technology Officer


Mr. Pérez has a proven track record with over 10 years of experience designing, engineering and developing sophisticated products and business solutions for some of the most recognized companies in Mexico. Mr. Pérez is a disciplined, focused individual, able to quickly recognize and understand a customer’s needs for complex computing environments, systems administration, and new software development. Mr. Pérez received his Bachelors in Computer Science in 2010, and received his MBA in 2020, U-ERRE, in Monterrey Mexico. Mr. Pérez is a Certified Red Hat Engineer, Certified Red Hat System Administrator, and received a Computer Vision Nano Degree from Udacity in 2020. Additionally, Mr. Pérez is a highly skilled expert in the following: Angular, Python, including pandas, NumPy, skikit, learn; Pytorch, Keras, TensorFlow, Computer Vision, OpenCV, YoloV3, Segmentation, Detection, Linux: Red Hat , Debian, Docker, Deep Learning: CNN, R-CNN,RNN, LSTM, AWS: S3, EC2, SageMaker, Lambda, ECS, DynamoDB, RDS, AWS Rekognition, and is a Full-Stack Developer utilizing PHP, Mongo DB, MySQL, Apache, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, Django and continues his professional development in these fields by staying current. Mr. Pérez has been a Software Developer, Unix Support Engineer, Linux Development Operations and Systems Administrator with such recognized companies like Aerotelecom, Alestra, and FEMSA.


Kenneth Rombouts – Director


Mr. Rombouts is a proven multidisciplinary design engineer and manager with a history in commercial aircraft primary structural design, aircraft seating design, and team management. Never shying away from technical challenges, Kenneth has been fundamental to the successful development of the Gulfstream G400/500/600 fuselage structural design and certification. He has held multiple design and management roles with increasing responsibility culminating as airframe lead for the G400 aircraft.  Kenneth grew up in Europe, earning a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. Prior to his time at Gulfstream, Mr. Rombouts started his U.S. Employment in Texas, designing, certifying, and patenting innovative commercial tourist class seats for Delta Airlines.  Critical features of his proprietary design was reduced weight, increased leg room, reduced assembly time and electrical component integration, also resulting in improved customer satisfaction while obtaining increased profitability.  The bulk of Kenneth’s career is at Gulfstream.  He starting as a Structural Design Engineer on the G650 Airframe before joining the R&D program to design and build a novel experimental composite fuselage. He has earned the reputation as an accomplished, innovative designer, championing multiple challenging business cases and complex designs to successful implementation.  Kenneth’s keys to success are a thorough understanding of design, fabrication, and assembly principles, along with intuitive creativity, discipline, and a personal interest and fascination to understand how things work.